2 in 1 Pill Box Water Bottle
2 in 1 Pill Box Water Bottle
2 in 1 Pill Box Water Bottle

2 in 1 Pill Box Water Bottle

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You will never forget to take your medicine again because this 2 in 1 Water Bottle and Pill Organizer will keep you reminded to take your pills daily.
It comes with built-in seven separate compartments for everyday pill dosage.
This streamlined water bottle is perfect for traveling and medication on the go to keep you fit and fine! 
This water bottle pill holder seamlessly combines two things that belong together. Thanks to its clever design, you’ll always have water when taking your daily medications and vitamins.
Not only is there a removable, seven-compartment pill organizer embedded into the bottle, the Asobu folks thought of everything.
Tiny built-in pegs prop the bottle up while you load pills for the week.
The cap doubles as a portable cup.
And the wide-mouth top is perfect for drinking.
And present you will have to try really hard to forget to take your pills.


* Removable built-in pill organizer, make it a sports water bottle
* Tritan body,scratching resistance, 100% BPA Free for heath-safety
* 600ml fits most car cup holders and bike bottle cages
* Dishwasher safe
 * Easy to clean


1. Slide the pillbox down.
2. Place your pills in the pillbox.
3. Slide the pillbox up from the bottom of the bottle.
4. There is a little clicking sound when finished.


Material: plastic
Product size: 23.5cm/9.25"X6cm/2.36"X6cm/2.36"
Product weight: 182 g
Capacity: 600 ml
The pills compartments size: 1.25" x 0.75" x 0.25".