Dogs Halloween Angel Wings
Dogs Halloween Angel Wings
Dogs Halloween Angel Wings
Dogs Halloween Angel Wings

Dogs Halloween Angel Wings

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This product is a short plush outer ring + PVC material, the inner ring is a white PVC material, toughness 160G adults stand up all right, the outer ring is a soft short plush, inside and outside the zipper to facilitate disassembly and cleaning, the interface It is a magic sticker that is easy to use!

An inflatable hole is simple and convenient to blow directly with the mouth, it is better to use a balloon pump.

Does not harm the pet's body.

The interface is normally sutured and easy to use.

This product has a good protective effect on pet's dermatology, beauty, surgical procedures, as well as itching of wounds during surgical healing, and avoiding pets from biting wounds.

Product advantages: easy to wear directly affixed Velcro, tightly adjust themselves.

The baby uses open vision to open up without adverse reactions, does not affect eating, sleep & drink water!

The foreign market has been used for 10 years and received wide acclaim.

Size: 45*35cm

Type: Dogs
Material: 100% Cotton