Bread Toast Cat's Bed
Bread Toast Cat's Bed
Bread Toast Cat's Bed
Bread Toast Cat's Bed

Bread Toast Cat's Bed

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Do you have a whimsical side? Do you love spoiling your cat? Spoil your beloved pet with this large Creative Toast Bread Cushion Bed. 
Distinctive chic tasteful toast design pattern looks like really delicious bread, very good to attract the cats and dogs or other cute little animals to stay on them.
 These creative pet mattresses are not eatable toast bread but usable pet bed pillow and cushions. 
Available in one square size of 38cm.
 Both cover and core are washable.


  • Made of high quality and soft faux fur and breathable & high elastic sponge inner core keeps the bed cool. 

  • Not prone to bacterial growth, which keeps your pet health well, offers your cat family a nice place to play, sleep and rest.

  • All the sponges we use are highly resilient, pat the cat bed and then it will recover the original shape in 3 mins.

  • Easy to clean, luxuriously soft faux fur surface can be detachable which allows the mattress hand washing. 

Not only suited to animals but also for people as a chair sofa floor cushion applied to home, party and so on.



1. Cover wash instructions: Remove cover from foam core.
Zip closed. Machine wash cover separately.
Cold line dry or machine dry on low. 
2. Core wash instructions: Spot clean foam with mild soap.
Press excess water from the mat.
Do not wring.
Air dry.


Type: Cats
Material: 100% Cotton, Wool Cotton, Sponge
Size: about 40*39*7cm
Function: Pet Bed
weight: 200g