Art Coffee Pen
Art Coffee Pen
Art Coffee Pen
Art Coffee Pen

Art Coffee Pen

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To make professional detailed latte art, this is the perfect tool.
 While pure pouring technique will get you nice waves - from which you can shape hearts or flowers, if you want to add stems or arrows or printing or secondary (and tertiary) dollops, you'll need this pen.

Coffee Latte - Professional Art Pen is portable electronic appliances that can easily be used for a coffee latte or food decorations using various small particle materials such as cinnamon, cocoa, green tea, parsley powders etc.. 

Not only by skilled barista or cooks, anyone can enjoy “Latte Art or Food Decoration” using our products.
 Try it now and taste with meaningful and special coffee! Doing basic latte art is not hard to learn. 

And it makes a really professional impression on anyone - even on other baristas.

How To Use

1. Press gently on one end of the pen body and open the lid,and put the selected seasoning powder into the pen holder.
cover the lid, hold down the small button at the pen holder,then you can start painting.


Size: 6.2inch/16cm
Color: White
Main materials: Plastic, Electronic components

Weight: 41g